Time + Events + Blessings = Success

It is always an honour to analyse some successful events by the grace of God and from the blessings of my family and friends which are as following big events:-
ØDonald Trump and Hillary Clinton prediction in the month of Jan 2016 and Feb 2016 for winning the nomination to fight for the Presidency of The USA.
Ø  Trump vs. Hillary analysis on 21st May 2016, declaring Donald Trump to be the next president well before 6 months from the event.
ØOn 16th June 2016 I anticipated for “The Brexit”.
ØImmediately on 26th June 2016, after the Brexit, I predicted for UK future for the UK split vote & Scotland Independence which announced in the month of March 2017.
ØOn 30 August provided a “Remedy for ALL” which was my 3rd highest viewing blog with approx 5000 views till date.
ØOn 24 Dec 2016, predicted for Ivanka Trump inclusion in Trump’s cabinet which nobody anticipated.
ØOn 19th Jan 2017 analyzed President Trump transit and how planets can shape his term.

Federal Reserve Rate Decision

Federal Reserve Rate Decision
If you are living in America then this post may be of your interest. Policy rates are very important for any economy as they show the strength and weaknesses of our economy. In my last two posts, I predicted why the Federal Reserve will hike the policy rates in March meet and why did they pause in May 2017 meeting.  Continuing from my last analysis where I said Janet Yellan chair of Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System having number5as her ruling number. Now, what can happen today, on 14 June 2017? As I said above the number 5 rules chairperson of the USA Federal Reserve which means Mercury. Let's correlate her horoscope with today and see what the numbers are saying, as numbers play a key role in one’s life, let's see below:- 14+06+2017= Number 3 Correlation between numbers are  5 and 3 which are  considered to be the best and full of surprises as there will not be  boring at all, which means today will be a day for surprises big possibilit…

UK elections and its results from Astrology/Numerology

UK elections and its results from Astrology/Numerology
How and why this election is very important for entire Europe and the World. Today on 8 June 2017, where voting just started and the entire world wanted to know how it can result later this late evening. Recent opinion polls suggested a close fight between the Conservatives, after a Labour surge.

Let's see how things can shape up from Numerology and who can come out as a winner. Last year on 16 June 2016 when I predicted for The Brexit there was similar kind of situations and on 24 June 2016 that happened which shocked many political pundits and interestingly nobody anticipated that at all.
Now due to the very short frame of time and several requests to predict the outcome(though any big political events are always risked as an astrologer need to depend on data available on the Internet), I'm trying to bring the results through numerology.
Let's take some important dates which are as follow-
Brexit Day- 24 June 2016 which me…

Transit & their Impact

Each planet impacts us depending on the placement of their transit. As we all know there are 12 zodiac signs but very few of us know about Nakshatra and their lords as each planet's transit and their Nakshatra. Each zodiac signs is further divided into 27 equal parts called Nakshatra. Their Lord and Transit duration are given below:- Planet Period Star/Nakshatra Sun 6 yrs Krittika, U. Phalguni, U Ashada Moon 10 yrs Rohini, Hasta, Sarvana Mars 7 yrs Mrigsara, Chitra, Dhanishta Rahu 18 yrs Aridra, Swati, Satbhisha Jupiter 16 yrs Punarvasu, Visakha, P. Bhadra Saturn 19 yrs Pushya, Anuradha, U Bhadra Mercury 17 yrs Ashlesha, Jyestha, Revati Ketu 7 yrs Ashwini, Magha, Moola Venus 20 yrs Bharni, P. Phalguni, P. Ashada Main transit and Nakshatra are very important to be known as the impact a lot…

President Macron

President Macron 
As I predicted before and concluded that Emmanuel Macron will become the next President for France, now if we rely on early polls it says he will comfortably win by 65% and will make history to be the youngest president of France.
I would like to congratulate him on his victory and this proves once again that Astrology can LIVE for every LIVE event.
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Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko OR "INSPIRATION VS EXPERIENCE"

Everyone who loves boxing is eagerly awaiting to see who will win one of the biggest matches on the 29th April 2017, as the biggest stage is set to surprise you all. I am trying to analyze the results based on numerology.
Event               Anthony Joshua        Wladimir Klitschko  29th April 2017    15th October 1989      25th March 1976 
                     Number's Game 
1) 29th April 2017 means 2+9+0+4+2+0+1+7 = 7 (Lord of number 7 is Ketu)=Destiny Number 
2) 15 October 1989 means 1+5+1+0+1+9+8+9=7 (Lord of number 7 is Ketu)= Destiny Number 
3) 25 March 1976 means 2+5+0+3+1+9+7+6 = 6 (Lord of number 6 is Venus)= Destiny Number. 
Interestingly here if we see their date of birth which means “15” and “25” which means AJ radical number is 6 and Klitschko radical number is 7 which are inverse to their destiny numbers. Keeping all this in mind, I can say as of today, that on 29th April 2017 they both will fight tough and there is a greater chance that AJ will win the match by 7/4.Thich m…

President Macron?

Celebrity horoscopes are one of the toughest challenges as details are often acquired online and there is no certainty whether they are correct or not. French Presidential Candidate Macron’s horoscope and chances of his victory and to be the next President of France

Date:- 21 Dec 1977 Time:- 10:40 am Place:- Amiens, France  (Source Internet)
Planet Sign Degree Lord Position Ascendant Capricorn 05 14 43 Saturn
Sun Sagittarius 05 52 19 Jupiter
Moon Aries 20 55 29 Mars
Mars (R) Cancer 17 30 26 Moon Deb