Transit & their Impact

Each planet impacts us depending on the placement of their transit. As we all know there are 12 zodiac signs but very few of us know about Nakshatra and their lords as each planet's transit and their Nakshatra. Each zodiac signs is further divided into 27 equal parts called Nakshatra. Their Lord and Transit duration are given below:- Planet Period Star/Nakshatra Sun 6 yrs Krittika, U. Phalguni, U Ashada Moon 10 yrs Rohini, Hasta, Sarvana Mars 7 yrs Mrigsara, Chitra, Dhanishta Rahu 18 yrs Aridra, Swati, Satbhisha Jupiter 16 yrs Punarvasu, Visakha, P. Bhadra Saturn 19 yrs Pushya, Anuradha, U Bhadra Mercury 17 yrs Ashlesha, Jyestha, Revati Ketu 7 yrs Ashwini, Magha, Moola Venus 20 yrs Bharni, P. Phalguni, P. Ashada Main transit and Nakshatra are very important to be known as the impact a lot…

President Macron

President Macron 
As I predicted before and concluded that Emmanuel Macron will become the next President for France, now if we rely on early polls it says he will comfortably win by 65% and will make history to be the youngest president of France.
I would like to congratulate him on his victory and this proves once again that Astrology can LIVE for every LIVE event.
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Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko OR "INSPIRATION VS EXPERIENCE"

Everyone who loves boxing is eagerly awaiting to see who will win one of the biggest matches on the 29th April 2017, as the biggest stage is set to surprise you all. I am trying to analyze the results based on numerology.
Event               Anthony Joshua        Wladimir Klitschko  29th April 2017    15th October 1989      25th March 1976 
                     Number's Game 
1) 29th April 2017 means 2+9+0+4+2+0+1+7 = 7 (Lord of number 7 is Ketu)=Destiny Number 
2) 15 October 1989 means 1+5+1+0+1+9+8+9=7 (Lord of number 7 is Ketu)= Destiny Number 
3) 25 March 1976 means 2+5+0+3+1+9+7+6 = 6 (Lord of number 6 is Venus)= Destiny Number. 
Interestingly here if we see their date of birth which means “15” and “25” which means AJ radical number is 6 and Klitschko radical number is 7 which are inverse to their destiny numbers. Keeping all this in mind, I can say as of today, that on 29th April 2017 they both will fight tough and there is a greater chance that AJ will win the match by 7/4.Thich m…

President Macron?

Celebrity horoscopes are one of the toughest challenges as details are often acquired online and there is no certainty whether they are correct or not. French Presidential Candidate Macron’s horoscope and chances of his victory and to be the next President of France

Date:- 21 Dec 1977 Time:- 10:40 am Place:- Amiens, France  (Source Internet)
Planet Sign Degree Lord Position Ascendant Capricorn 05 14 43 Saturn
Sun Sagittarius 05 52 19 Jupiter
Moon Aries 20 55 29 Mars
Mars (R) Cancer 17 30 26 Moon Deb

"Obesity" is a big trouble in your mind?

"Obesity" is a big trouble in your mind? Everybody in living on earth wants to look good whether he or she are children or in their 40s or in 80s. Age doesn't matter here at all as the thing only which matters is how do I look and what others think about me. Being a human being did you ever thought that planets play a significant role which can make one fat or one can be thin. Today I would like to bring out the very important correlation between planets and obesity. Planet Jupiter which rules one's body to retain fat is solely responsible for our obesity. Afflicted Jupiter never treated as a good sign according to astrology as it affects us in different ways. Our eating habits are interlinked with planet Jupiter and it is also concerned with Moon. If they both are placed negatively in one's chart then it can make us fat and can lead to many unwanted diseases as an afflicted Moon control destroys one's thoughts and afflicted Jupiter adds all negative colors …

Saturn will be retrograde from 7 April 2017 at 27°47′ in Sagittarius sign.

Saturn will be retrograde from 7 April 2017 at 27°47′ in Sagittarius sign. Saturn will be retrograde from 7 April 2017 at 27°47′ in Sagittarius sign. This particular phase will last until 25 August 2017 and it is going to be the toughest phase in this 2.5 years of transit which will end in 2020. It is going to be a very hard phase for those whose Saturn is malefic placed because Venus squares Saturn this time and both Venus and Saturn retrograde are seriously going to impact each and every one of us in different ways.
Venus square Saturn means problems relate to love and money will definitely go to poke you as Venus retrograde placement in the enemy sign Pisces is also a reason for troublesome. This phase can become a reason for tensions in relationships so it is better to take an advice before as to maintain harmony in relationships.

Putting in the extra effort will reduce the risk of relationship dramas as it is advice to take precaution before an event. A feeling of loneliness and de…

Litigation and its connection with your horoscope.

Litigation and its connection with your horoscope.

No-one ever wants "Litigation" and if we do some research before then it can be certainly avoided or we can reduce its bad effect.
When observing Litigation and the effects astrology plays regarding litigation we should observe the following house from horoscope: -

1) The 1st house represents the native and it is very important to know the main strength of the horoscope.
2) The 6th house is the prime house for disturbance and dispute. A malefic 6th house causes litigation and the position of all planets in the horoscope affects results.
3) The 7th house represents the strength of the opposition which can bring trouble during the course of litigation, and this house is very important from a compatibility point of view. Marriage also depends on the 7th house.
4) The 8th house shows the path of litigation which means how many difficulties one can face during the course of litigation.
4) The 12th house represents jail or prison or …